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Rev. Dr. Larry E. Covington
Senior Pastor – Ebenezer Church

Greetings and welcome to the Champions Academy website! I am excited to present to you an exciting educational opportunity for young people in the following targeted Public Schools in Alamance County: Eastlawn Elementary, Andrews Elementary, Grove Park Elementary, and Broadview Middle.

Champions Academy will open for the 2017-2018 school year as a world-class afterschool and summer program. This program will be free to all participating students. Take your time, explore our website, and as a parent plan now to enroll your child/children.


About Us

/Who we are

The Excel Community Association of Alamance ECAA) has strategically developed Champions Academy, a year round program that will educate, empower and engage students living in low-income areas and attending underperforming schools. The program, Champions Academy will operate at Ebenezer United Church of Christ, an established institution with strong ties and lasting relationships within Alamance County, Burlington community.
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There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.

- Nelson Mandela -


/What we do

We offer age appropriate, relevant and engaging activities that integrate education, health, nutrition, financial literacy and engage students in community services, leadership and career-college readiness programming.


Students are provided with the attention they need. Also with a healthy nutritious snack and environment to nurture and grow each students potential


Enrichment contractors and or teachers provide specific instruction on a variety of activities (students rotate every Robotics, Fine Arts, Photography, Chess, Sports, Cooking.


Teacher provide tutoring in Reading and Math based on Pacing Guide. Review/discuss character trait – provide team building exercise.


/Apply Below to start your career with Champions Academy

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Program Director
the Program Director is essential to implementation and overall program success. Our ideal candidate must possess the following qualifications: -Must have a BS degree or higher in one of the following areas: Education, Business Administration or Masters in Social Work, with experience in local educational agency or youth programming. -Must have experience in administering grants and program management, budgeting and possess exceptional written and oral communication skills. -Candidate should possess strong leadership in planning and implementing educational programs, excellent organizational and project management skills. Program Director Job Description – the Program Director is responsible for the implementation of the approved grant. This position will provide daily oversight of the program to ensure that all programming is aligned to approved grant. Responsible for interviewing, recruiting and hiring of additional key program personnel. Must establish systems to timely collect and process data for the program. Responsible for selecting curriculum, assessments and other academic enrichment activities. Research and plan field trips, enrichment activities and parent workshops. Plan monthly professional development workshops for staff and relevant parenting workshops. Responsible for regular communications to staff, stakeholders and parents. Build and strengthen community partnerships and assist Fiscal Agent in facilitating the sustainability plan. Regularly meet with school personnel to foster a collaborative partnership with feeder schools. Submit requested reports to the state department and federal government, conduct and assist in the evaluation of the 21st Century CCLC program aligned to the North Carolina Established Standards of Excellence. Oversee online reporting systems of the grant, respond to DPI with timely and accurate reports as requested. This process measures the success of program implementation and substantiate that sufficient progress is demonstrated toward program goals and objectives.
Lead Teacher (LT)
Qualifications: Must possess a BS degree or higher in Education and be a Certified Teacher with more than 7 years of experience in education or Retired Teacher. Preference will be given to persons with prior experience as a Facilitator or Curriculum Specialist. Position Summary – the Lead Teacher will work with the Program Director to create an academic model to address and target the specific details of the program and meet the needs of enrolled students. Lead Teacher will be responsible for ensuring all grade level instruction is aligned to the NC Common Core Standards. Must work with Teachers/Tutors to develop effective lesson plans, engaging classroom activities and ongoing assessments. Help monitor classes for quality instruction and student engagement. Required to work with staff in collection, documentation and review of academic data. Will work with Program Director to strengthen program offerings as deemed necessary. Provide feedback to Teachers in reference collected student data. Work with Program Director to modify program as needed based on students’ performance in day school and afterschool. Assist with supervision of teachers and volunteers. As needed, serve as a substitute teacher and assist with small group instruction.
Qualifications: Candidates must have a BS degree or higher in Education and be a Certified or Retired Teacher. Must have 3 years or more of teaching experience in an education setting. Preference given to K-5 or 6-8 content area teachers. We will also hire retired teachers, experienced Teacher Assistants and highly qualified college students with youth experience. Job Duties – Teachers are responsible for engaging students in daily academic activities aligned to NC Common Core. Create a learning environment that provides students with engaging and challenging learning opportunities that promote academic achievement. Effectively plan and deliver hands on instructional activities that result in student’s improvement. Organize and supervise students on field trips and engage students in learning opportunities. Assist facilitators in classroom during enrichment activities. Account for and accurately record attendance, student assessments and other measurable data. Assist with daily homework and facilitate tutoring in core subject areas. Assist Admin staff during parent workshops. Communicate and work with parents to achieve student success. Must be able to provide differentiated learning and create a learning environment that promotes the desire to learn and excel.
Curriculum Specialist
Must have a BS degree or higher in Education, Math or English. Must be a Certified or Retired Teacher with 4 or more years of experience in the role of a Facilitator or Curriculum Specialist. Job Description – Curriculum Specialist supports the Program Director in creating, designing and implementing curriculum structured to meet academic goals as set forth in grant application. Insures that all instruction and assessments are aligned to common core and designed to meet academic needs of students. Develop monthly pacing guide for Reading/ELA/Math for grades K-8th, identifies and recommends supporting resources to supplement teacher instruction, creates assessment schedule for teachers to follow during the academic year. Works with Admin staff to review and analyzes assessment data to identify new curriculum needs. May lead and direct the work of tutorial staff, assist teachers to ensure lesson plans reflect effective lesson content, delivery, outcomes and assessment. Attends trainings and workshops to improve academic outcomes, delivery and practices.
Admin Assistant
Qualifications – Candidate must have at least a high school diploma and two years’ experience as an Office Assistant. Job Duties – Greets parents and guests who visit the program. Assist with data entry, filing, make copies and answer the telephone. Mail documents, assist parents with application. Assist Program Director with program documentation, scan receipts and maintain binders as required by 21st CCLC and other duties as assigned.


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